Genda Friends Kit (Ongoing Project)
Gender Awareness & Education

In the winter of 2019, I started to explore the idea of gender awareness. I conducted intermitten and diverse research studies by organizing interviews and co-design workshops, body-storming, etc. as well as attending university courses in regards of gender, sexuality, family and computerization and finally delivered a concept design-a toolkit for raising gender awareness and facilitate the education of gender and sex.

Only Me (Individual Project)

Role & Duration
Research (Co-Design, Research-through- Design, Interview, Auto-Enthnography), Wireframing, 3D-Modeling, Visual Design
6 months

Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Blender


Currently, the concept design of Genda Friends Kit contains four components including a customizable figure for explore gender identity in a physical way, a deck of card game for facilitating discussion with peers, a physical foldable wooden map for reflection on one's development of gender identity (in progress) and a adventous game (in progress).

Concept Design Video

Concept Design Deck