Hiya!👋 I'm Johnny, a product designer who proactively integrates visual communication and data-driven decision making into crafting meaningful experience.

Recently in December 2020, I graduated from Indiana University M.S. Human-Computer Interaction/design program where I developed strong interests in design ethics (especially in AI) and inclusivity from a symbolic interactionist perspective. Before I've interned/worked at GE Appliances and EICO Design within the field of smart appliances, security auditing systems, VR, finance, etc.

In my everyday life, I enjoy reading manga Land of the Lustrous (宝石の国), learning 日本語 and Espanõl, illustrating as well as reading about symbolic interactionism. I also struggle to maintain my cooking quality and try to practice mindfulness daily - one of my life goals is to organically incorporate mindfulness into my design process and philosophy.

While building this site, I revisited my experience and found a picture of near-field diffraction from an optics experiment during my undergrad in microelectronics which indicates light acting as a wave. Wave metaphorically represents my background in engineering and integrating HCI, design, and other life experience as a whole - just as light interferes destructively and constructively. Light as electromagnetic radiation also has a spectrum of different wavelengths, which resembles how I try my best to jump out of a binary worldview from time to time. You may find the shape of the background animation and logo inspired by the concept of the wave!

A photo of diffraction from my optics experiment

Recently I got interested in taking photos of living
(or dead) organism

Whiskers, my furry roommate who keeps my
company in quarantine time